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Life Insurance

What would happen if there was an untimely death?
     How long could you cope if you were unable to work due to accident, illness or disability?

Gerard Associates Ltd. provides highly competitive Life Insurance and Income Protection quotes over a fixed term with guaranteed or reviewable premiums combined with a simple application process. | forex trading

We take no commission and simply charge you a £49.00 application fee.

The most transparent offer to provide the cover you want. Don’t take our word for it - We let you make the comparisons.

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Life Insurance - Life Cover

Life insurance has been in the market since centuries. It is a basic form of protection that covers money for unexpected death, accident or any form of illness of the policy holder. Life insurance cover or life cover suggests details such as the covered items in your life insurance policy, the nature of your life insurance policy and special features that are available through the policy. There are many types of life insurance cover available in the market. A few of them are whole life coverage, term life, group insurance and juvenile life insurance coverage.

If a life insurance cover provides lifetime protection to the policyholder, then it is whole life insurance coverage. It not only compensates the policy holder at the time of death but also lends him/her money in time of need or compensates if the policy holder loses any body part due to an accident. This type of life insurance cover is a bit expensive and has a fixed premium rate. If you policy remains in force and has reached maturity, the whole life coverage offers guaranteed cash back. You can also get dividends if the company does not have to spend money on the policy for a fixed period of time.

Life Insurance Company

Every living being will face death. That’s why to have a secure financial future; you need to include life insurance in planning your finances. Not many people think that insurance is important. Some purchase life insurance until something happens while some think insurance to be a part of financial road map. Different people may have varied opinions but the most concerned topic is to choose the right insurer or Life Insurance Company from whom you can gain maximum benefits in the long run!

You need to do your bit of research before landing up in a wild goose chase as different companies have different set of policies that decide how much amount will pass on to the policy holder. You can always check the ratings and financial health of the company you are trying to deal with. For this, you can research online or contact the rating agencies to know the financial stability of your insurer.

Next, you can compare your needs and analyze the offerings from a set of possible insurers. Though some companies may have a lower rating, eventually it may be offering the best features that may suit your needs entirely.

Additionally, also check if they have had any customer complaints lodged against them. No matter how big a company is or how financially stable it is, sometimes insurers have many complaints against them. You can do so by referring to online resources or by cross-checking from your social circle. Customer service support is very important. Ensure that your insurer offers you the best guidance and customer support. And last but not the least, what counts the most is that your insurer will still be there when you need them. Life insurance companies should be able to meet their financial obligations should any need arise.

Life Insurance - Life Insurance Quotes

Life insurance quotes are the prices that you need to pay for the policy with a specific insurer or company. There are low and high life insurance quotes available for everyone according to their paying abilities. For instance, those with a steady income can go for high life insurance quotes whereas the ones with fluctuating incomes can opt for low life insurance quotes for longer terms.

Some life insurance quotes also depends on the type of policy one has taken. Say, if you had chosen whole life coverage policy, you may need to pay a level life insurance quote and a level rate of premium whereas if you had chosen the universal life insurance policy, you would need to pay a flexible rate of interest and could even get a higher rate of interest once the policy matures. Therefore, not all life insurance companies claim the same life insurance quotes. However, most companies provide similar premium payment options. One can pay the premium amount all at once to avoid the monthly and quarterly charges that are added on the premium or you could pay the premium amount on monthly or annual basis.

When looking for a life insurance quote you can also look to cover any debts that you may have. In case of unexpected death or loss, you can cover your liabilities such that they do not need to be passed to your kin or other relatives in the family. One of the biggest liabilities that one can have is mortgage. There are specific insurance policies designed to cover mortgages. In addition to mortgages many people also have loans, credit cards, student debt and car finance that they need to cover.

Term Life Insurance - Life Assurance

Term Life insurance is a pure form of insurance and it offers financial cover equivalent to the face amount of the policy. Its time period is limited and can range from one to 30 years. Since it does not have a cash component, if the policy holder dies even a day after the completion of the policy term, his/her family members will not be entitled to any policy benefits more.....

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Expat Life Insurance - QROPS

A simple question perhaps but a trawl through the plethora of brokers brings some surprises. The UK insurers won’t offer cover to a non UK resident and the offshore insurers spanning Dublin, The Channel Islands and The Isle of Man are extremely expensive.

The majority of expats due to cost then don’t bother.

But just think – is that a solution?

* What would happen if there was an untimely death?
* Is your partner and dependants able to survive financially?
* Mortgages, car loans, credit cards, without even considering future income.
* How long would savings actually last?
* In the current financial turbulence relying on banks could be a disaster.

Gerard Associates Ltd a FSA regulated firm have secured an exclusive arrangement with Lloyds of London. Highly competitive simple Life Insurance over a fixed term with guaranteed premiums combined with a simple application.

QROPS are a simple concept. Move your Pension fund to a HM Revenue and Customs authorised QROPS and

  • Enjoy the added flexibility
  • Significant income and death tax savings in most countries.
  • Never have to buy an annuity
  • Pass the fund to beneficiaries, UK Inheritance tax free.


Life Insurance based on £200pa (€250pa) over a 10 year period. Non-smoker rates.
(As at 11.11.08)

Male 30 next birthday £335,672.00 Life Insurance quote-now
Male 40 next birthday £210,654.00 Life Insurance quote-now
Male 50 next birthday £88,242.00 Life Insurance quote-now

All applications subject to underwriting and acceptance.
Cover available and premiums payable in Sterling or €uros. (monthly premium option available)

For a no obligation quotation and how to apply email your name, male or female, date of birth, whether a smoker or non smoker and Life Insurance required to:

or call : Tel: + 44 1884 860061
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Gerard Associates is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority
Life Insurance